Free midi drum patterns - Download Drum loops 5 pack

5 Pack midi drum kit stock audio for you to use in your pop songs.

All the midi patterns has the project file that you can open in Magix Music Maker Midi Controller.
These are free midi drum patterns , and feel free to share with your friends. stock audio library for drums.
midi drum loops free download pack
midi drum loops free download pack

This loops pack has 5 variations of pop drums, full bars, 8 bars each, it has the midi file so you can edit your own vst drum kit instrument.

 I like to use Magix and Samplitude, they have really great drum kit for vst plugins. This one I use pop drum kit in Magix. You can export your midi for wav or ogg file too, just edit the way you want and hit export! The great thing about using Midi files is that you don't even need to have like drum loops 120 bpm, drum loops 90 bpm or drum loops 100 bpm, because since is a midi files you can alter the bpm, very fast, not saying that you cannot change the bpm even in wav files, this will depend on your DAW and it functionalities.

The files in this drum packs free are:

*The extension .mmm is for Magix Music Maker project file*

All the 5 drum set has the project file that you can open with Magix Music Maker software, this music maker program is really good, i'm using the free version but you can check out the premium version here.

It's great for you to download some loops and samples files to follow along with these drum midi files, for  you to check it out how it goes. So here is a great resources where you can find some good melody, drums, and others loops and samples free download:

In Routnote Website you will find only 4 resources for free loops and samples, but they are huge packs to download so you will have a plenty of loops and samples to test it out with my free drums midi pack. These guys found the most giant packs in the history of the web! So check it out!

best 4 free loops and samples websites with the most giant packs to download
best 4 free loops and samples websites with the most giant packs to download


drums images from
drums images from

You can also check my other free drum loops free package here:

Drum sample 1 :Jazz
Drum sample 2: Boogie
Drum sample 3: Blues
Drum sample 4: Afrocuban
Drum sample 5:  Swing Beats
Drum sample 6: Shuffle blues
Drum sample 7: Sixties
Drum sample 8:  Bossa Nova
Drum sample 9: Calypso
Drum sample 10: Maracatu
Drum sample 11: Carimbó
Drum sample 12: Batuque
Drum sample 13: Baião
Drum sample 14: Bolero

It has 23 more midi loops drum samples in various rhythm styles, check it out:

midi drum loops free download pack
midi drum loops free download pack

midi drum loops free download pack

create drum loops free with magix


We saw some nice 5 midi drum loops free download pack, you can download edit and choose any vst drum kit you want! Also we check some huge free loops and samples collection, it's always great to have these loops and samples websites in your favorites, just download them and test alongside with these drum samples of today's post. Also I updated with 23 more drum loops pack for you to download and have more drum loop samples to use in your audio library!

Thanks and see you for the next drum loops pack!