Ed Sheeran Shape of you Intro in Samplitude Music Studio

So, in this music tutorial let's play with the intro of ed sheeran, create 2 melodies and a drum line.

Let's understand a little bit of music scale and chords to do this music intro.

You can download the music scales Mid files and the project file as well.

A song  is always inside a world, this world is the key of the music. A key is all the 7 notes of the music and it structure. For example you might know, DOREMIFASOLLASI, so this is a scale of DO(C). The notes are represented as CDEFGAB too.

***This is instruction for us beginners, very simple understanding in music theory, it will not replace a course , but i encourage you to check some udemy courses, they have free ones too: 

Learn Music Theory

So the all scales has their own structure you can check later in the website that i refer in this post.
For this we will use the C#minor, this is the key scale structure that we are going to use, so for all notes of the music it will always be: C#,D#,E,F#,G#,A,B, the whole song it will always be in these seven notes.


You can download the file project  and the music scales here: https://sellfy.com/p/5kHp/

Here you can download the drum midi file, is the drum2 verse: https://sellfy.com/p/b0Lc/
Download Samplitude Music Studio: https://tinyurl.com/ydyhzr5e

***Good to know : Melody vs Harmony: http://study.com/academy/lesson/melody-vs-harmony-definitions-and-examples.html

I first find the Key of the song, musicians can get the key by ear, but i'm not a professional musician so let's shortcut some ways to do that, don't forget to bookmark all this websites for you to use later in other music projects.

Here you can find the key of a lot of pop songs: http://www.notediscover.com/song/ed-sheeran-shape-of-you, it's a great website.

Here you can find some intructions of music scale, such as a music scale generator to, and explanation for chords, scales and others music theories:  http://musictheorysite.com/major-scales/

This is a great website to , to generate music scales: http://playinkey.com/

For the chords, chords are the notes combined, you can combine some notes of the 7 notes of the music scale and get the chords, there are structure for the chords,for example, if you want a 3 notes in the chords played together with a specifically sound like major or minor etc.. you will need follow some structure,

 for example in the 7 notes(CDEFGAB) KEY C MAJOR, i want to create a 3 notes chord(triad) so i will use the first, the third and the fifth note of the 7 notes= C,E,G  it' called a triad.

MAJOR AND MINOR MEAN: https://www.ars-nova.com/Theory%20Q&A/Q64.html

you can play these note in your Samplitude Music studio to hear what a great combination sounds.  

Some better explanation on that: http://musictheorysite.com/triads/ and here you have a nice chords generator online, we will use this on the tutorial:

Ok for chords, let's get the chords of the song in this great website: https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/e/ed_sheeran/shape_of_you_tab.htm

You will see in the video how i put the chords for this intro in our  tutorial version of Shape of you.

So you can watch the video and later you can go to the wikipedia website to get some music scale midi to play as i mention below this video.

Another great website to get some music scales is the wikipedia website , you can download the midi of the scales, this is great, try to create a melody like this one in the tutorial but with a scale from the wikipedia, they have, a lot of folk music scales too: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_musical_scales_and_modes