Magix music maker tutorial - fixing audio problems (no sound in computer)

Magix won't let others programs play sound(SOLVED).

In this tutorial  i'll show to you how to fix sound problems in your computer while we are using magix music maker.

I was experience some problems in my pc with magix music maker, after installing magix music maker others programs they got muted, only magix would play sound, so did some researches and i found a simple way to fix that.

The problem with Magix Music Maker won't let others programs play the sound is that when you start Magix it uses a audio driver called Magix Low Latency 2016, using this your computer has not the capability to play more than one sound , just the Magix Music Maker

But if you choose others drivers like the ASAPI, Waver, MME or Direct sound, you can now use others applications in your computer, the problem is that you will lose some latency, which means that if you want to record a instrument or play and record a instrument using your computer keyboard, it will experience some delay in your playing, but it's nothing compare with your computer being without sound at all.

So this is really a simple problem to solve, if you have a audio interface or a external sound card, it will be no problem, you will not experience this error in magix music maker.

In my case i only have the audio driver inside my notebook, so it's not a good sound card to work with music software, but if you are not a professional like me, fixing this magix music maker error with this solution it can help a lot

If you are having the same problem even trying this method , you ask for help in their forum community